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  How is the treatment performed?  

How is the treatment performed?

How is the examination performed?

Exhaustive measurements are performed. Our patients are informed about the procedure by Dr. Sinan Göker. The patients should spare at least three days, the first of which is for the examinations and investigations; the next is for the treatment and the last is for the control.

How is the procedure applied before treatment?

The patients using soft contact lenses and gas-permeable semi-hard lenses should take their lenses off at least 7 days and 3 weeks, respectively, before the treatment.

How is the procedure applied during treatment?

You will be administered a tranquilizer about 45 minutes before the operation.  This smoothes away the excitement for operation and enhances the conformity. Shortly before entering into the laser room your eyes are administered anesthetic drops to ensure that you will not feel any discomfort or pain.  When you lie down on the laser table your eyelids are wiped with an antiseptic solution and covered by a plastic cover. A specific wire is used to separate your eyelids. Thus, you are not able to close your eyes even if you want to. Afterwards, you will see the bright light of the microscope and a green punctuate light in the middle of it. Your doctor will ask you to stake in that green light during operation. As the laser is focused on the eye during the treatment, it will follow the eye up even if it moves. The fact that you are comfortable and at ease will relatively shorten the duration of the operation. Treatment duration is 4 minutes for each eye.

How is the procedure applied after treatment?

Antibiotic drops are administered in your eye after the operation and pads are put over your eyes to avoid dusts.  You can take them off when you arrive home. Blurred vision is an absolutely natural situation. You may have a feeling of burning, stinging and watering in your eyes for a few hours. Pain is rare; so, it is possible to relieve from it with a simple analgesic in case it occurs. Avoid touching, scratching and rubbing your eyes. Avoid having a bath and washing your face. You should not watch television or read anything. Administer you antibiotic drops as recommended by your doctor. The day following the treatment, our patients will necessarily be subject to a brief check in our institute as it is highly significant. Following the control, the people whose treatment is completed will go on their daily lives.

  • The drops are to be used for 1 week and then they are discontinued.
  • Avoid make-up for 1 week.
  • Avoid swimming pools and sea for 20 days.
  • Avoid eye make-up for 15 days.

You may have a bath or take a shower following the control on the next day of the treatment. However, you should avoid soap and shampoo getting in your eyes.

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