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Lasik and Treatment Stages

The word LASIK is an abbreviation obtained with the initials of Laser Assisted in-Situ Keratomileusis. LASIK method is the ultimately perfected form of techniques by using laser technology which were actually initiated in 1949s and called lamellar refractive surgery. Within this technique, the principal is removing the epithelium layer located at the frontmost of the corneal tissue, and the Bowman layer (a layer without the characteristic of self-perpetuation) with a device called microkeratom or femtosecond laser (flap). Afterwards, Excimer Laser performs the shaping process on the middle layers and when it is completed the removed flap is adhered on its original place. The flap is well-adhered due to the liquid pump in the cornea.

Lasik method is a two phased process comprising of flap shaping and reshaping of cornea with excimer laser. For flap formation, power-operated microkeratom which is a special blade or femtosecond laser is used. Different terms are used depending on modifications which result in incomprehensibilities: iLasik, sLasik, zLasik, FemtoLasik, etc. Consequently, the basic principle of the process is same for all. Also, Excimer lasers of different brands are available on the market. 

Will LASIK prevent any other future treatment or operation regarding my eyes?
No. If a person who has undergone Lasik thereafter requires cataract, Glaucoma or retinal surgery, previously having been treated by lasik is not an obstacle for the treatment of those.

Am I eligible for LASIK or not?  
First of all, you have to be subject to a detailed eye examination. If you use contact lenses, you have to quit using soft lenses 1 week before and hard and semi hard lenses 3 weeks before the examination. The values should be accurately measured in examinations with and without drops. Afterwards, corneal thickness is determined by corneal topography and pachymetry; wavefront measurement is performed by aberometer and pupil size is detected with pupillometer, and the nature of eye is examined in details. As a result of these examinations and investigations, your doctor will decide whether you are eligible for laser or not.

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