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excimer laser

"Excimer" is the derivate of the words of excited and dimmer and Excimer Laser is a laser radiating ultraviolet light at 193nm obtained...


It is the most frequently applied and preferred technique throughout the world. It was primarily applied by Op. Dr. Sinan Göker in 1994.

femtosecond laser
(nonsurgical laser)

It has been successfully applied with advanced technology in Istanbul Surgery Hospital .

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Op. Dr. Sinan Göker and his Team

You are about to open out the entrance of a clearer, more colorful and healthier life...

Op. Dr. Sinan Göker and his practised team will change your life with an experience of more than 50 thousand lasik, excimer laser and wavefront operations within 12 years. If you would like to meet the state of the art technology closely, we recommend you to examine our web site carefully.

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